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Monday, March 21, 2016

Estranged wife of Concert Pianist Vadym Kholodenko ARRESTED by authorities for daughter's murders

The couple lived in Moscow before moving to the US

HNNAfrica is now learning that the estranged wife of renowned International pianist Vadym Kholodenko has been arrested.

Police in the US state of Texas were investigating after the world-renowned concert pianist found his two daughters dead in the home of his estranged wife.

Vadym Kholodenko called emergency services on Thursday after finding his wife Sofya Tsygankova, in an "extreme state of distress", as well as the bodies of his two children.

Ms Tsygankova was found with stab wounds and faces a mental health exam.

Police would not say whether Ms Tsygankova was a suspect.

Five-year-old Nika and 1-year-old Michela were found in their beds in Benbrook, a suburb of Fort Worth, with no visible signs of trauma. A post-mortem examination will determine the cause of death.

Ms Tsygankova, who also performed as a concert pianist, is being treated at local hospital. Police would not say whether her wounds were self-inflicted.

Mr Kholodenko, a Ukrainian-born musician, is not a suspect and is co-operating with the investigation, authorities said.

She has now been arrested according to the Associated Press.

With files from BBC

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