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Saturday, March 12, 2016

Dancer Julianne Hough writes and emotional message online following grandpa's death #HNNMemorial

She posted this on her Facebook page. I knew Julianne as a terrific dance champion on Dancing With The Stars, an American dance reality show. Her grandfather has passed away: 
"There was never any doubt how much you loved your family grandpa! You exuded love and light!! You taught me how to fish off the dock, you flipped me over your knees, you were there driving the boat when I learned how to ski, you let me beat you-sometimes- at ping pong, but my favorite was when we danced! Your soft wrinkled skin when you kissed and hugged me is the warmest and safest place I know. I know grandma nearly killed you when you took a leap of faith and bought the lake place back in the day even when you probably couldn't afford it, but you created a legacy for generations of your family and forever changed all of our lives! The foundation of our family is you. Your spirit, your love, your compassion, your talent, your kindness, your dance moves, your charm, your stubbornness, and again your love is all so undeniable! I miss you already, but the memories are beyond anything I could've dreamed to have! You are a wonderful man grandpa and I love you to the moon and back! I'll see you again papa! "‪#‎familiesareforever‬

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