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Wednesday, March 9, 2016

Beyonce postpones tour as divorce rumours heats up #HNNMusic

More reports over the alleged Beyonce and Jay-Z divorce rumours as Beyonce has now postponed her Formation tour. With Beyonce making endless headlines for what appears to be an upcoming divorce from her longtime beau, Jay-Z, could the drama regarding her supposed soon-to-be ex-husband be affecting her plans to head on out for the forthcoming Formation tour next month?

Numerous reports have claimed that the 34-year-old is extremely unhappy in her marriage, as one source alleges that the only reason why the twosome are still together is because of their joint businesses — the Formation tour being one of them.

With all of the marriage drama, one shouldn’t forget that the majority of Beyonce’s businesses are interlinked with her husband, who is said to be managing his wife’s career, having infamously taken over from Matthew Knowles’ duties in 2011.

Matthew was dismissed from his position after Beyonce was alleged to have uncovered that her father had been stealing money from her. She evidently gave him the boot and replaced him with Jay-Z, who has proven himself to be one hell of a businessman when it comes to turning almost anything into a successful phenomenon — with the exception of Tidal.

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