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Saturday, March 19, 2016

Are Fulani Herdsmen the new brand of TERRORISTS in #Nigeria? #HNNCrime

As posted from Edmund Obilo's talk show Voices on Splash FM this morning.
Recently Fulani herdsmen invaded Agatu villages in Benue State and massacred the people. The invasion is a fall out of a battle between Agatu farmers and the herdsmen who invade and destroy farms with their cows. Premium Times recently published the below excerpt:

A disturbing pattern may have appeared with the large-scale invasion of Agatu. Whilst in the past the herdsmen would attack, kill and disappear, this time with Agatu they appeared to have come with an occupation agenda.

Adejo, the motorbike transporter who also interacts with a new anti-Fulani local militia called the Agatu Warriors, told PREMIUM TIMES that most of the sacked villages had been taken over by the Fulanis who he said were pouring in from Nasarawa with their cattle... “They are coming in large numbers with their cows. The military is not stopping them. If we can go beyond here (Aila) to Abugbe, Ocholonya or Adana, you will see Fulani in combat jackets with sophisticated guns grazing their cows,” Adejo said.

Is this the time to check the herdsmen?
Has President Buhari shown enough concern about the activities of the rampaging herdsmen?
Is this another brand of terrorism?
What can be done to check their rising dastardly attacks

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