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Sunday, February 21, 2016

Why Yorubas in Ibadan should STOP hating on #Biafra as they try to eject an Igbo leader #madamkoobiafra

PLS READ! To my Yoruba fans on this page, pls STOP STOP STOP calling me a Biafran Adviser! I have not been appointed for anything. I simply Journal the developments in the agitation issue and that make me a Journalist. I also support the cause for Nigerians to find their identity and heritage despite history scrapped from schools. Three million DIED over there!! and that makes me an Activist. Some of you accuse me of not fighting to get Ibadan state instead of lending a voice to Biafra. The people in Ibadan don't note their mistakes till they lose it all. I once had a SEPARATE FB page for Ibadan fans with 26,000 ppl. 

What happened in 2012 when I was advocating for David Mark to give us Ibadan state, you were NOT interested. I even tried to use my father's influence. This week we Ibadan people are harassing the Eze Ndigbo guy who has been repping the Igbos in Ibadan for years now as the Olubadan Council says there will be only one King in the city. There has always been one KING! Why now?? That right there tells u that we should just tell the Igbos to pack up and kick them out! STOP telling me bullshit!They may soon be leaving on their own.

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