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Sunday, February 21, 2016

I was NOT attacked by anti-Biafran haters-Kemi Omololu-Olunloyo #HNNKemi

Below is my statement

PLS do not make up stories about me ATTACKED by Biafran haters!! Anyone that continues this will lose my support as I hate fraud. I clearly posted my head injury pics Jan 7th and told fans I will be hospitalized for over a month. Whoever Hope for Biafra is then posted a false story stating that "on the night of Jan 15th I was attacked by unknown persons". That is simply NOT TRUE! This blog owes me apologies and a retracted story. I was simply trying to end a fight when flying glass hit me and another man who got 16 stitches. Ask questions and don't make it up. My voice as an activist is loud and IPOB has never reached out to me or MASSOB.

Some Biafrans on Twitter even say I'm looking for fame while The Punch Newspapers said Jan that I MAY be the biggest voice IPOB HAS. I'm used to that bullshit like in Canada when I was helping murdered victims I was looking for fame too. Solid idiots. I simply saw injustice against Kanu and his tribe and I jumped in to speak out regardless of blatant tribalism. Last night I solicited for sponsorship to attend the #KanuTrial. I will NOT be attending anymore as the DSS told me social media and #LIVE transmission of court proceedings may not be allowed. I will follow the international wires. Then when the trial starts you will see APC owned TVC all over there with cameras. SMH. Be sure I will have comprehensive coverage for U. The case may fall apart cos the accused should be on bail.


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