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Friday, February 26, 2016

An OPEN LETTER to Olajumoke Orisaguna the Bread Seller turn Model

My letter is a strong alert for the bread seller turn model. Her management and fans can swallow it with a grain of salt. This story is not new. It reminded me well of the kid discovered on social media who amassed millions of Instagram followers, appeared on CNN and more. He committed suicide when the fame went down. Another model was discovered by Justin Bieber on Instagram and she is dealing with the sudden fame harshly. Sudden fame may not be for everybody. When I heard about Olajumoke, I was disgusted to see how the so call talent scouts treated her. They acted like vultures which they were by swiping her off the streets and throwing her into every photo shoot and endorsement deal. Her husband became a baby sitter of sorts, another child missing from the picture and her mentality been upgraded away from the values that she should have.


The first thing that angered me was the fact that her own modeling agency could take a logo backdrop photo of her and her contract with her looking totally ungroomed. This to me shows how hasty these people are to get the money moving in. They also got her an endorsement deal with Stanbic bank and yet her husband is still telling the media that if she gets rich, "they both own it". Is any money coming in yet? The husband has now become the babysitter and probably the housekeeper because she will be busy with modeling assignments. He does not appear to be happy in these pictures.

I attended the world's most famous modeling school at 18yo (John Robert Powers) and modeled in JC Penny catalogues with top models Iman, Christy Turlington and Cheryl Tiegs back in 1983. I was the youngest. Anyone who remembers that, most of today's Olajumoke fans not even born will know that models have agents and managers. It is not limited to a family member. Orisaguna's husband should be managing her is not the answer but he should know how the money will be shared. He must be involved in all financial dealings, however this is not very common with models. Most have no husbands and children. This fairy tale story is not about luck. People attacking me on social media are simply fascinated with my facts.

Olajumoke is not a role model or icon. Many people were discovered before her. Notice how Nigeria is not celebrating her and it's the Yorubas celebrating her and even attacking me. The fact is that she is a primary school dropout that has not made an effort to learn to read and write English. Stop supporting her illiteracy saying English is not her language. TY Bello not discovering her would have simply left her an illiterate for life. I hear she's now getting ESL classes. Her business dealings are not going to be in Yoruba. Many need to wake up from the streets of hawking. Stop asking how many people I have discovered. Countless in the music industry and the streets of Toronto and Ibadan. That's not the point. My biggest fear is that she may return to the streets again one day and this super fairy tale life will vanish. Then she will despise all hawkers. It will take one bad deal in the industry to end everything. I heard Olajumoke was flown in an airplane the first time to Abuja for a speaking engagement. Such events has to be in English. She's got to know the corporate world but at a slow pace. My points are valid. Nigeria says I'm slamming her and TY Bello. Spare me the rhetoric.

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