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Thursday, January 7, 2016

Why I taught Rapper Olamide a lesson about GOD and Keeping Secrets #HNNMusic

Olamide and his new baby
Most of you heard that I accused the Yoruba rapper of being a ritualist. Speaking to credible sources who confirmed it to me, He has been in the occult world for years along with his late father. The father died recently and my source says he used his own father for rituals so as to succeed in the music business. Olamide said in an interview that he could not sign women on his record label because their lifespan was short in the music industry.

So I replied him by burying his record label and him when I tweeted #RIPOLamide_YBLN. His fans came attacking me asking if I was GOD? Is Olamide GOD predicting the life span of female artists? His fans are mostly core illiterates and street urchins. Olamide came from the dirty streets of Lagos and does not instill enough positivity in his fans. My tweet generated a lot of new negative fans. Maybe I can now teach them something credible in their lives. They asked if I was God predicting his music career death, he's not God saying females can't succeed in the music industry. It's nonentity male artists these that have consistently not allowed the Nigerian music industry to get enough global acclaim. I am a feminist and will reply any topic on gender sensitivity.

Olamide later had a verbal altercation with Don Jazzy on the Headies stage cursing everyone's mother. For someone who cannot sign a female, curse mothers and has a child from a single mother who he says he's not planning to marry, he will be ripped by me.


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