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Friday, January 8, 2016

Why I ANGRILY CAUTIONED #Biafra Advocates on #SocialMedia-- #MadamKOO

I have rebranded my page and will be very silent as from now on working in the background. To all the Yorubas and Igbos tribalists alike who attacked me last night, some calling me fake as Nnamdi Kanu told u not to trust Yorubas, and to the yorubas attacking me of breaking up Nigeria, u just don't know how powerful I am on the globe. I'm not going to prove that to you. I know about activism. It is not learned. It is something you were born to do. Today, all the political types are reading Punch the most widely read and #1 daily in Nigeria on their desks and some of you continued to call Punch brown envelope journalists. I have a President who has tampered with the judiciary and you sit there calling him a pedophile because Nnamdi said so? Is that your priority to get heard by a former dictator?

Buhari just appointed a political adviser Babafemi Ojudu, a yoruba man easily accessible who may be able to change his mind on at least exploring a referendum at a strategic time like this and all I hear is he "raped Aisha at 9". Who cares about the age difference? Anenih is almost 83 and married to a 26yo. Can you not focus on the bigger picture? I have never reached out to BIM or IPOB or Radio Biafra who may not even know their rights but they watch and share all I'm doing. This is strategic teamwork. This is NOT Ojukwu's era. I warned u to stop chanting Biafra or Death (Nnamdi said that one too) Now I've lost 15 already. It's Biafra or nothing and nothing means Buhari begins solid non marginalization of Igbo youth like they all did Niger Delta youth. I was the first one who alerted you to the closure of MTN kiosks and offices and data, phone etc was all down in July 2015. MTN even tweeted it. CJ my Enugu based personal Assistance had someone text me that morning. Coincidentally that is when they discovered Radio Biafra transmitters on the masts and the NCC busted MTN.

Was it illegal for the Erricsson Engineer to do that? The entire comany shut down, CEO in South Africa and Nigeria all forced out? Fines in the trillions as heavy as the masts themselves. Is it illegal for transmitters to be brought into the country as Buhari said? Tiwa radio and many local stations broadcast on the internet and use US and UK transmitters. I've been in radio 21 years and know those rules. Does that apply to the NBC who doesn't regulate Internet radio. I will be quietly researching it. Some of you saying that Buhari has paid me to tell u not to call him a pedophile. I have never met Buhari and have nothing to do with his administration but to make sure voices are heard. What if Nnamdi Kanu was a Hausa or Yoruba British who came in with transmitters for a separatist state. Wake up Nigeria, Catalonia is getting ready to separate from Spain. Always Focus on the bigger picture. Keep calling Muhammadu Buhari names. I do not play with ppl calling me Ashewo or prostitute bcos they have no evidence of me selling my body. I viciously attack such ppl on social media. If you want to use it as an abusive one, pick another word. Don't slander anyone on my page. I am going to be watching everyone #MadamKOO @HNNAfrica on twitter



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