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Tuesday, December 29, 2015

#Yorubas NEED TO STOP accusing #Igbos of Ritualism. 653 shares, 500 comments on FB #HNNImpact

Dear Yoruba fans. Pls.....stop disturbing my FB INBOX with tribalistic messages. All my messages are never private. I use them on my blog. Stop telling me to stop supporting the Igbos. U are not better than them. Quit inboxing me that Igbos are ritualists, criminals and 419 ppl. The first publicly executed armed robber in Nigeria was a yoruba man OYENUSI. I watched it #LIVE on TV on the bar beach show in the 70's. My hometown Ibadan is the lagest city in West Africa and pioneered everything. It also pioneered extreme ritualism as we discovered SOKA last year with a forest den of rituals and many rescued almost slaughtered next including one Igbo grandmom who was abducted in Ibadan as she arrived to visit her daughter 9 years ago as she went missing. 

I also called my father and Obasanjo ritualists this year and exposed them. 2 of my siblings were taken to Ibefun, Ogun state where they bathe in human blood. One is already dead. They all exposed my dad's occult life and how he used them to gain power. All politicians are into this. My 10 chapter documentary is on If I can expose my father u are no exception. Don't feed me crap about Igbos u dont do. Finally the three 419 boys that cracked Access Bank's ATM code and took N2B were one Hausa and 2 Yorubas. The hausa caught, the yorubas and the money never found. I hope I made my point CLEAR. Any comments that disrespects me on my page will add u to my ban list. Anyone banned this last week is not entering 2016 with me. Go to Twitter where I can MUTE your abusive tweets. Be careful what u inbox me. I post them on FB. I have some AWESOME yoruba fans here. I dont need the tribalists here.

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