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Tuesday, December 29, 2015

Why NOBODY knows how many children I really have?--Kemi Omololu-Olunloyo #HNNKids

Dear fans: I NEVER owe u an explanation for anything! My oldest child asked me to look at one Sunny Arinze's ignorant comment on my single and celibate post. I actually dont play with sex toys. I market them for a British company. I need the ££. It converts nicely to the naira. Ladies check out several sex shops in Ikeja and online. Bullet vibrators are awesome. They beat a man's dick per all my reviews. On the internet some say I have 4 sons for 4 fathers including Denrele Edun the 4th, sometimes 3 sons for 3 fathers. The truth is that NOBODY actually knows my children. Some even say I have twin daughters. I dont confirm nor deny it. Not even my family members have met ALL my children. I don't put my children out like that. 

I still have a private life. Only KJ is known as he's a public figure. So I play along with all your foolishness. I live a public life, nobody knows my private life. Notice how Wikipedia doesnt have that section. My children are born to a very famous Nigerian you all know. Only if u were intelligent. Most Nigerians are smart but not intelligent. Some e en wonder how I had kids without ever being married. Ask TuFace and PSquare. The foolishness in Nigeria amazes me.


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