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Thursday, December 24, 2015

Why Nigerians are BRAINWASHED that I have an Outstanding Criminal record in the USA #HNNOpinion

First you have trolls. Then they talk to each other. Shawn McQuaid (Google this nonentity who sits on the internet 24/7 collecting money from the government from his brain disability) is a Canadian stalker completely sick and obsessed with me. Has been arrested several times in Canada for criminal harassment and still stalks me in Nigeria via twitter. He's altered my Wikipedia adding that I have criminal charges in Georgia, USA where I live and has not bother to call the authorities there to verify. Wikipedia blocked him from editing and LOCKED my profile. He even takes screenshots of G-Mail messages of an alleged criminal record of mine  in Maryland (another state in the USA) with my age and my middle name as "Ashley". My middle name which I rarely use is Ajoke and not Ashley. 

I have not lived in Maryland since 2000. So everyone that criticizes my tweet, he tweets them this criminal record. Can you imagine someone sitting 24 hours watching your tweets in a different time zone at least when I was in Nigeria?  Twitter is watching his handle closely with police. One day it will vanish. Many are reporting him. However several Nigerians believe him and that is because Nigerians are brainwashed, they never research and most are illiterates. Then they frown at me. 

I have written about McQuaid in the Nigerian Tribune and Social media article. I tagged it to one of the Canadian police officers Scott Mills who read it. Below are the tweets. Obsession is a disease. The arresting officer in 2011 told me I was one out of Shawn's 9 victims. Another victim was called a pedophile and Shawn blogged it and then tells people to Google the man. Same thing with me. He told Nigerians I had 4 children with 4 men, I don't even have 4 children. He also says I am unemployed and can't travel anywhere when I've actually visited Canada while he wasn't paying attention. One other woman was the mom  of a boy who died in a crash. Shawn blamed her and said she was alcoholic and posted this poor boy's head photoshopped under a car. The woman was not even the cause of the accident but another driver. He has also photoshopped my Pharmacist license which is public information on the board's website writing the word "REVOKED" on it and posting that I poisoned children. One of the brainwashed tacky bloggers that tweets this stuff is Tokunbo Aboderin the Irish based prostitute and ritualist.  Check out the tweets below and read my latest article on Shawn McQuaid.

Shawn McQuaid all over Criminal Complaints on Riff Report

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