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Tuesday, December 15, 2015

Why Nigerian Twitter Accounts are Fraudulently supporting Linda Ikeji on #LindaGate #Dasukigate

Linda Ikeji Credits: EdeeBeau
Every holiday I hear Linda does her shady philanthropy giving her fans something like $100,000 each . Fine but this year there may not be anything. Why on earth will Nigerians accuse a the NSA boss of being a snitch after tossing money all over and they protect one of the alleged recipients. This is how our people are. Certified thieves and corrupt human beings. Linda Ikeji will NEVER answer me like she did Ogundamisi. She knows I am right about this story and thus blocked me on Twitter. I have 4 work accounts to view her tweets if I wanted, don't read her blog.

I have super bloggers like Sandra Rose, Necole Bitchie, Perez Hilton and others who pioneered blogging at the same time I did in 1999. Most Nigerians are not educated about blogging. Remember the article I wrote in the Nigerian Tribune about the media fail  of Nigerian bloggers?

Some think I'm jealous of her house and money? Linda or her fans doesn't even know my assets in the US and they don't have to. Her sister flaunted her house all over the net in an area that brazen robbers recently robbed 2 banks killing several police officers. Laura Ikeji posting on Instagram that they are now neighbors to Dantata and Adenuga. So what? These materialistic things are so trivial to them. My issue here is that everyone that got paid from that NSA money should be investigated by Buhari ASAP.  

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