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Saturday, December 19, 2015

Why Linda Ikeji was DENIED a VISA Twice from @USEmbassyAbuja Lagos Consulate #Lindagate

LIB fans are opening her can of worms for her. While some are tweeting me calling me a deportee from America have no idea that I was deported from Canada in 2012 for antagonizing gun laws. It's all over the net including Wikipedia. I have used that deportation as a weapon to give a face to gun laws. God know it's made me 100 times famous just like Kim Kardashian's sex tape. Linda should educate her fans that Canada and America are two different countries in North America. Many don't even know the meaning of America. I am a Nigerian American with dual citizenship and not wanted anywhere. So many photoshopped criminal records all over the internet by Shawn McQuaid, my Canadian stalker who tweets Nigerians already brainwashed.

Well, LIB fans also boast about her traveling around the world while I was deported. She can't even get a US visa. Who is she? Who recognizes her? A source from the Consulate told me this. There is an investigation revolving around her and certain people are on the NO FLY LIST of looters. She may be trying to FLEE when the investigation gets to her. So sad we may not recover our money.

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