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Thursday, December 17, 2015

Why Linda Ikeji BLOCKED me on Twitter to avoid questions I posed to her #Dasukigate #Lindagate

She knows I have a lot of her dirty secrets. @lindaikeji just BLOCKED ME on TWITTER so I will start TALKING now. I only speak the facts! I'm not gonna block his young lady I once helped when her blog was yanked for copyright reasons. I have a lot of dirt on Linda. She's young enuff to be my kid and I'm more globally prominent at blogging than her. There is no comparison. At 9pm I will reveal what I know about her and the N240M she allegedly received from #Dasuki. Everybody is acting like mumus on TWITTER writing "popular blogger got N240M from Dasuki" and cant mention her name. These are huge amounts of cash that has strapped Nigerians broke. Everyone is exposed. Governors, Ministers, Media moguls, newspapers etc etc now a blogger. Money meant to fight #BokoHaram.

Im still gonna petition the feds to find out what happened to the #Ebola money $110M from the WHO. That money went to Fashola and Amaechi's way from Dr Onyebuchi Chukwus office (Former Minister of health) None was used by states for prevention education when ppl like me was volunteering my time all over the streets of Ibadan trying to prevent an epidemic from reaching the largest city in West Africa. As a US trained pharmacist that volunteered my time with Ebola patients in #Congo 1995, I want accountability. I could be working at Health NG or NAFDAC but they dont want us cos we are snitches.

My handle is @hnnafrica

See u at 9pm for Linda exposee

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