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Wednesday, December 23, 2015

Why I DECLINED the Social Media Change Agents dinner invite--Kemi Olunloyo #HNNImpact

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I have never heard anything about Aisha Buhari activating. We are listed together in Wikipedia. What silent activists will sit down and watch their husband, the President of Africa's most populous nation let his army kill innocent Biafran and Shiite protesters? Last night she was busy hosting the Social Media Change Agents dinner in Aso Rock with public funds. Who are these people? People who are creating change in Nigeria using social media.

I was invited by her but I declined for two reasons. This was an APC event and I have no affiliation with any political party. Also I don't wanna be seen alongside Aisha Buhari in the light of the direction her husband is leading this country killing the very people we activists represent. She needs to call my father who's a member of their party. NOT ME! I tweeted to my fans below.

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