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Tuesday, December 15, 2015

Why GEJ's SM influencer Deji Adeyanju is LYING trying to protect Linda Ikeji's reputation #LindaGate

Deji Adeyanju (Linkedin)
Deji Adeyanju tends to be a trifling personality on social media. So trifling that none of them in PDP could open a twitter account for GEJ's campaign and had to pay bloggers left and right to blog everything good about the former President. Linda Ikeji has some of these traits too. They tell you the truth in form of a lie or rumour to derail you from believing it. 

Adeyanju even boasted "we ate the money" I have no problem with Linda getting huge sums of money for the Jonathan campaign but when the money is exorbitant and Dudafa Waripamo the former Special Adviser on domestic matters is on the run and stated he gave a "popular female blogger in Lagos " N242M, you have to wonder. Anyone that's anyone in the media would know Linda Ikeji's Banana Island home was allegedly a GIFT from a high ranking politician to kill a story that they didn't want out. I will tell this story when Waripamo is eventually caught. It will break the net. This story is also well known by Doyin Okupe. Once Dudafa is caught, he'll probably confess who he gave that money to. Pls don't underestimate good investigative journalism.

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