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Wednesday, December 30, 2015

What #HNNAfrica readers want to ask @NGRPresident during the #PMBMediaChat? #HNNGov

Media preview

We asked our readers of world and health news what they wanted the Nigerian President to talk about during tonight's Presidential Media chat. Below are what our Facebook readers said. By the looks of those 6 chairs, I hear the Journalists invited are not even using social media. Most handles had less than 33 followers. Only Kayode Akintemi of Channels TV was the only one with a social media following. He leads the team of Journalists from daily Trust, NTA and VON.

Lota Ekpere Whats the implication of tactical defeat of boko haram. And his statememt on presiding over boko haram to accept amnesty while nnamdi kanu has been kept under confinement and refused bail even after court orders.

Like · Reply · 1 · 35 mins

Ifeanyi Chukwu Francis Please just ask him, why was he parading himself on a news in USA on the need to implement a security council for palastines and then back to Nigeria and he said kniw to biafrans, kill some of them, arrest thier leader and incarceration of all IPOB members

Like · Reply · 13 mins

Hallmark Chibuzor Paul i want know know about and what happened to the chibok girls, why the long silent on them and again, why will only him eat the food of1.7 billion in a yr

Like · Reply · 2 · 41 mins

Emmanuel Okezie Madam please just ask him wetin NNAMDI KANU do am

Like · Reply · 1 · 29 mins

Charles Okechukwu I want to ask mr president if he is an illiterate that he cannot tolerate dialogue with biafra to call referendum. How come the president does not know how much is in the budget for domestic aso rock upkeep.

Like · Reply · 25 mins

Simon Peter Tim Has he found his certificate,Chibok girls,deadline on Boko Haram. Disobedience to court orders,referandum for Biafra,shitte killing n massob shooting. Terror attack at Onisha.which price for fuel,etc

Like · Reply · 2 · 36 mins

Babra Owen he asked for self governance for palestines and south sarawi people why is not supporting BIAFRA quest for self governance . naira is not yet equal with the dollar instead naira is depreciating more than Jonathan left it

Like · Reply · 1 · 32 mins

Henry Obele He is not my President to start with

Like · Reply · 28 mins

Esther Amarachi No question but to tell him to resign or die.

Like · Reply · 2 · 31 mins

Uche Joel Why is he holding our director nnamdi KANU against court orders? And his take on Biafra.

Like · Reply · 2 · 34 mins

Emmanuel Okezie And please ask him why is self determination not applicable to biafra?

Like · Reply · 28 mins

Ronaldson Obi Ask him why he disobey court judgment...

Like · Reply · 26 mins

ThankGod Kc Ibe Ask him why those on the front line for bring back our girls campaign suddenly disappeared. And why he doesn't want to release our director and give us biafra?

Like · Reply · 17 mins

Elochukwu Paschal I want to ask him his opinion on issue of those that is agitating for Biafra

Like · Reply · 29 mins

Dato AkpaEgo I asked questions yesterday but you didn't answer me why ?

Like · Reply · 28 mins

Amos Peculiar Ogbu I want to ask him why is it that he went for peles tan's freedom of self determination , and in his own country he detained Nnmdi kanu that is fighting for the freedom of the biafra people, please help me ask him that

Like · Reply · 30 mins

Francis Okwaruba Why is he still keeping Nnamdi Kalu in Dss custody after various Court rulings for his unconditional release? That's the most important question to him

Like · Reply · 25 mins · Edited

Chris Jones About Biafra

Like · Reply · 19 mins

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