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Tuesday, December 8, 2015

The VOIDING of the #BayelsaDecides Vote as every election is INCONCLUSIVE under #Buhari #HNNPolitics

President Muhammadu Buhari's govt has NOT revamped INEC Nigeria. Him & Yakubu are distorting it causing polls to be INCONCLUSIVE! In #BayelsaDecides Buhari must realize that INEC has to operate INDEPENDENTLY of him. Innocent ppl DIED in#Oporoma. Ppl of Southern Ijaw need accountability regardless of party. Clearly APC thugs were escorted by the army to intimidate voters. This just proves to us that Buhari has too much influence in INEC's work and a Hausa man called Yakubu is not handling the agency well. It is clearly a shame and in the end, the bigger picture means Dickson continues his good work as Governor. I endorsed Buhari a week before election because Jonathan could not create jobs for me and youth. With 3 advanced degrees, I wanted to be employed in my fields with the feds and got tired of that administration only later to hear APC promising jobs and N5K to unemployed youth and they backtracked. 

I ended up not voting in 2015 as I was hospitalized March to May 2015. In 2019, I will join a party and it will be a newly revamped Official Peoples Democratic Party (PDP) Nigeriaif Nigeria still exists. I support candidates in various parties but never joined a political party as I can't run for office in Nigeria due to several reasons. This is the reason why Nigeria just doesn't work.

I have requested an interview with #HNNAfrica from Governor Seriake Dickson's office. Please drop your questions.

Madam Kemi Nkem Omololu-Olunloyo

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