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Tuesday, December 15, 2015

The Health Sector of Nigeria is the most looted with #Ebola money shared in the past administration #Dasukigate

If you are a PDP politician and you have not decamped to APC, Dr Buhari will investigate you. Sadly dumb Nigerians still haven't figured out the parties are the same people. They thought they were voting for change. Change my ass. Now lets ask Fashola and Amaechi what happened to the Ebola money. $110M from the World Health Organization.

Money meant for 36 states, a disease contained in 2 states (Lagos and Rivers) and a lot of EFCC arrests at the Federal Ministry of Health as the lefover money was SHARED. The health sector is the easiest to loot in Nigeria. OUR PEOPLE JUST DON'T KNOW. I was out there educating Ibadan as a Pharmacist on the streets telling ppl to wahs hands and all. Something I could have contracted with the state for. They are all thieves!

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