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Tuesday, December 8, 2015

My ADVICE TO #YorubaBoys. Grow into MEN! #HNNImpact

After killing the hashtag #YorubaBoys, I read so much of the comment online directed at me.

Dear Nigerians. Listen up especially if u are #Yoruba. Marriage is not a necessity. I'm reading all over the net hearing yoruba men disgruntled saying nobody will marry me just because Im taking my time. Focus on improving yourself. Everywhere I go in Ibadan, Lagos, Osun etc men here have poor personal hygiene, bad breath, there are so many marriage problems. Women tell me their husband cheated on them, beat them and spend their money. I personally went thru domestic violence and shot my ex-fiance when I was 27yo. Stop gold digging, cheating, getting abusive and clean yourself up! I don't NEED A MAN. A MAN NEEDS ME. I never want the word DIVORCEE near my name. I've never been married and will never marry to become Mrs Unhappy. Marriage is not a trophy. To all my mates out here in Western Nigeria who are single moms, divorced or separated, dont repeat the mistakes with another yoruba man. Its a chronic problem.

Guys pls focus on the bigger picture and to the dumb ones, my adult sons are not Yoruba men. They are American men and never even been here to Nigeria before. Focus on improving youself and start training the younger ones now.

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