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Thursday, December 10, 2015

Meet Bishop David Oyedepo The HIDDEN ENEMY of the #Biafra ppl #Shiloh2015 Hell fire exposed #HNNReligion

As some of you already know, I am not Oyedepo's fan. A Pastor that slapped a young Igbo girl from Imo state in his church who came on a field trip excursion to his Winners church in Lagos and said she "wished" for Jesus in her life but of course the devil Oyedepo heard the word I am a "witch" for Jesus. The entire problem of bad education and pronounciations of words caused this to our children. After the young lady was interviewed by the BBC, I followed up with my BBC colleague via phone and the video went viral. A N2B Naira lawsuit was initiated and a judge struck out the case with Oyedepo winning. If that was my child, he'll be in heaven by now. Now comes his #Shiloh2015 brainwashing conference which these fundamental religious foes have yearly to deepen their pockets and they live lavishly on their congregation's money.


Most of their brainwashed audience are Western Nigerians mostly Yorubas who Oyedepo preaches nonsensical stuff too. I caught Oyedepo's transactions and CBN money transfer involvement to Boko Haram in 2013. I tweeted them all and invited him for an interview and did not get a reply. That shows some guilt as far as I am concerned as a Journalist. A megapastor was involved in arms dealings. I investigated thoroughly and Oritsejafor was exposed in that same deal but it was Oyedepo's  hidden agenda I was involved in. He kept silent during the Jos crisis and a source told me in Canada he was one of the masterminds of the "elimination of Igbos" in Northern Nigeria. I tweeted it today. Little do some Igbos know of this fact.

We real Journalists are supposed to question more and dig deeper but these Pastors in Nigeria are the biggest lies to mankind. Below are the rest of my tweets. I am harming that hashtag as we speak or as I refer to it as "killing" the hashtag #Shiloh2015. Facts have to be known. Nigerian reporters most who did not study Journalism are paid by Pastors to cover their deeds. I have exposed Adeboye, TB Joshua and more. With the Biafra agitation as they call it going on, I am closely watching these fake Men of God! There is only man or God. Never put your trust in man.  I don't put out stories I can't verify! MORE TO COME! 

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