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Tuesday, December 29, 2015

Ha! Ha! Why I'm so PROUD to be called a Canadian Deportee and the FAME that came with it #HNNTravel

To my mostly Yoruba haters. They call me Deportee the most. Im proud of it. I got DEPORTED from Canada for antagonizing gun laws. The same guns that may kill u one day in a mass shooting. Be educated. My deportation made me 100 times more famous, thrust me in the global public spotlight, was nominated into the Wikipedia encyclopedia in 14 categories. My deportation tweet interview with CNN's Anderson Cooper and the $36,000 Canada bribed me with to just leave were all awesome. The two MP's that fought for me Mike Sullivan NDP andJustin Trudeau Liberal were both snubbed by PMStephen Harper. Keep calling me deportee. Im loving it. I still have a country. On to the next country soon... #BIAFRA. By the way Justin became Prime Minister, Harper kicked out and Justin and I will be eating dinner together at Sussex ave soon when I go pay my courtesy visit. Trust me, my fave Nigerian media that promotes my work the most will be on that trip. The Punch Newspapers.

Meanwhile u are still calling me deportee when all yorubas DEPORTED from US, UK, CANADA, MALAYSIA, INDIA committed financial, drug and illegal immigration CRIMES.

My political deportation ROCKS!
Check out the other FAMOUS ppl kicked out of Cdn. One vowed he'll be back as leader of his country and he did come visit as the PM. Guess who and what country?

#Karma is a bitch Harper.


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