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Thursday, December 10, 2015

FROM #AFRICA>> How Cape Coral Police (@CapePD) uses #socialmedia to warn residents of COYOTES! #HNNVet

This really scared me. I follow Cape Coral Police Department on Facebook and I must say this is one of the best departments I monitor in America. Look how social media is being used from a third party to warn police and residents of Coyotes living among them in residential areas. These animals are closely related to the WOLF. They can eat a child, adult or even a pet. Imagine them in your yard? The use of social media is definitely working here that I saw it all the way in Africa and warning my pals over there. I'm blogging it cos this blog high ranks stories on Google. You never know who may search the story. Stay safe everyone! below is the post from Ping Alerts with a photo of one coyote.

"Our friends at FWC have asked us to pass this along to residents in the area of Embers Parkway, between Burnt Store Rd. and El Dorado Blvd., in NW Cape Coral. A group of eight (8) large, healthy coyotes have been identified as living in the area shown on the map. While not usually aggressive or dangerous towards people, coyotes have been known to occasionally get into garbage, and attack small pets. Click the "more info" link for FWC's digital pamphlet, "Living With Urban Coyotes."

The department wrote on their Facebook page : Cape Coral Police Department Well, technically, we could put a persistent alert up all over the city. Coyotes are just about everywhere and we have seen them as far south as Chiquita Boulevard near Beach Parkway. Like alligators and burrowing owls, coyotes are a natural part of our habitat here in Cape Coral. This particular pack was identified by FWC, who asked us to pass along the info.

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