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Tuesday, December 15, 2015

Disabled Veteran Post on @CurtNBC12 's Facebook page goes SUPER VIRALl!! #HNNImpact

NBC 12, Richmond, Virginia USA newsman wrote on his Facebook page: 

"SOME OF YOU WILL GET MAD .... at me for posting this, and I'm okay with that, you'll just have to be mad - because this is a story I have to tell.

A hunting club in Goochland volunteered their time (and their hunting dogs), for a special hunt in Buckingham Co. this past weekend for disabled American veterans. Many of these men, who served their country proudly, had been hunters all of their lives - but assumed they'd never get to again.. This man's smile tells it all. God bless you and your family, sir - and THANK YOU for your service. And thank you to the Goochland volunteers who made this happen. ‪#‎pleaseshare‬"

And I not only shared it, but blogged it. This man was smiling to see him do what he's always done. They have served their country and so much has been taken from them. Thank U Curt for this post. There was almost 12,000 comments on the post and almost nobody got mad.

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