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Wednesday, December 16, 2015

#BREAKING Why I am selling the info on Politician who dashed Linda Ikeji a N250M House #Lindagate

You are no longer getting the #Lindagate audio FREE. Many of you are too abusive! I just SOLD the rights. Buy it at It's a N1500 download and I am spending money to put this information out.  It will no longer be free as many don't take me serious. So buy it to hear it. It is a half hour audio exclusive.  

What you need to do:
Pay for your #Lindagate download and send #HNNAfrica marketing a copy of your clear bank receipt to They will issue you a receipt once your payment is verified THEN send you the DOWNLOAD attached to your e-mail address. CONFIRM to us when you received it!! You can download it to all your devices
Fee : N1500 (Nigeria)
Payment Procedures below
First Bank of Nigeria
Name Olukemi Olunloyo #Lindagate
Account number: 2007477948

Serious Enquiries ONLY!

Linda Ikeji's house is a N250M house. Don't let anyone tell you how much a plot of land cost in Banana Island or that her house is N600M. That does not even look like a half a billion Naira house. Since December 14th when I created #Lindagate the hashtag, I have read all kinds of garbage Nigerians are saying. I am jealous of her house, money and success. What success is that? A smokescreen to cover up political romances and blackmail? My part in this Dasuki game is that anyone caught in the cookie jar called Nigeria's treasury will be investigated.

Security agencies EFCC, DSS and others have been speaking to me like crazy and I have declined several media interview offers because I want to tackle this myself. Nigerians won't like me, the same thing when I exposed Pastor Adeboye's N20B tariff fraud in 2005 and his shooting a police officer in 1974 as well as Oyedepo's slapping of a child in his church and funding terrorism. The Nigerian mainstream media won't cover these and that's the reason I decline their interviews. 

Listen to the audio on what I said about the politician who gave her money to buy the house she wanted in Banana island, Lagos in exchange for covering a story.

Linda Ikeji is a sarcastic liar who actually told her fans about that rumour "in style" but they never paid attention. SMH. Security operatives told me last night about a vital part of this case that can potential harm her and their case plus that some of that money went to buying the said house and was for no political ads or service. That part is very very serious. I have done my part so far. MORE TO COME... I will fully cooperate with the agencies on their investigation.

To get your download, request it at my marketing team as posted above.

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