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Thursday, December 17, 2015

#BREAKING Who is planning to KILL OUR LEADER Mazi #NnamdiKanu #HNNGov

#BREAKING A plot for DSS to assasinate Mazi Nnamdi Kanu once he's released is circulating twitter. Any such plot will FAIL and I predict Nigeria will be on FIRE and needless lives will be lost starting the real #Biafra war. He must have security of his own and does not need to rely on the NSA who steals and shares money anyway. I therefore WARN the Federal Government of Nigeria that any such plans MUST NOT take place. The govt must focus on a referendum that all Nigerians can equally vote for. For some Biafrans, referendums are not just for Biafrans. Everyone must vote to separate us from Nigeria. Let them give us a chance as we all have the FREEDOM of choice.

GOD BLESS Mazi Kanu!
No weapons shall form against him
He's UNTOUCHABLE with GOD in the picture!
Nwa Chineke and Chukwu Okiki Abiama be with him

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