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Saturday, December 26, 2015

#BREAKING #Nnewi gas EXPLOSIONS may be a deliberate ARSON to KILL #Biafra ppl #HNNTerror

I'm sooo ANGRY! The world media are saying OVER 100 ppl were killed in the #NNEWI gas explosions. My #Biafra family DEAD FOR CHRISTMAS. King Buhari was silent! In a sane country, once again he would have addressed the nation. Almost 24 hours he releases a statement and once again not a tweet. The most useless government in the world has 3 VERIFIED twitter accounts for the Presidency and two have been ABANDONED with one not ever tweeting from the President himself. The Nigerian media so lax reporting 9 dead, 15 dead and all kinds of stupid numbers till the international media came up with over 100.

Finally, the foolish President said he was greatly shaken and shocked by such large-scale loss of human lives in a single industrial accident, which casts a gloom on the families of the victims “who were looking forward to a joyous Christmas celebration.” He is yet to say what he would be doing for the victims families and the area. People were burned beyond recognition. Many Igbos said the President didn't care as they were Christians. Does he even care if you were Muslims? Just two week ago over 300 Shiite Muslims were massacred in Zaria, Nigeria after a peaceful protest turned violent and army started shooting indiscriminately. 

On the Nnewi explosion side, a source called me @HNNAfrica telling me that the gas plant was TORCHED deliberately! It was ARSON and here in Nigeria, an investigation has not been launched by the state or federal government. It could well be a TERROR ATTACK!  Nothing is investigated in Nigeria! Everyone is on holiday and most of the necessary forensics would have been damaged by now. It only takes one strike of a match at a propane gas plant to KILL a city. Nnewi is a famous town and home to late Biafran warlord Odumegwu Ojukwu and many prominent Eastern Nigerians.

#RIP to the fallen. They have names. We may never know who they were. Many burned beyond recognition. 

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