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Saturday, November 21, 2015

Why the #Nigerian media are now covering #Biafra. #HNNImpact #MadamKOOBiafra

When this uprising started November 6th 2015, I held a Twitter chat November 2nd hashtagged #MadamKOOBiafra, an avenue to hear you. I retweeted your comments from twitter onto this page promoting your handles as many of you got more retweets on your views. Then I asked all media in Nigeria to cover all the tweets that were coming from my hashtag and I was IGNORED. Nobody took it serious. One newspaper told me it was "too sensitive" and I told the Editor that was what we did with #BokoHaram in 2009. We called it sensitive till it blew up in our faces. After Ifeanyichukwu was killed, Vanguard showed a photo sent to me by an eyewitness who called HNNAfrica. I carried it FIRST! And then everyone started to creep into this page looking for coverage. Yes I got more fans and followers, I don't count anymore. My platform is verified and branded.

The TOP 5 stories in Vanguard is up and 3 of the most commented are about #Biafra. Why is the Nigerian media so slow? The International media has ignored us. Keep tagging them. I will see you on Twitter @HNNAfrica


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