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Saturday, November 21, 2015

Remember #Biafraud? BIANCA OJUKWU the liar and true #Biafra Hater #madamkoobiafra

Bianca Ojukwu

Remember #Biafraud? I created that word ONLINE not Ogundamisi that Igbo hating moron. My attack hashtag for this woman Bianca Ojukwu. It was my response to Bianca who attacked me online with her fake accounts when she lied about knowing Fani-Kayode in our teen London days. She sent an army of igbo trolls and online terrorists to my page attacking me. Ironically it is FFK, Fayose and I speaking up for Igbos now. Bianca and her foolish government pals are silent. I really hate liars. If u know me well online, I expose all liars as I'm transparent and keep no secrets. I keep no friends and trust no one. Dont tell me your secrets. I will post it on Facebook. Imagine! Bianca lied not ever knowing FFK when all of us were there.

Bukola Saraki, Gbemi Saraki, Toyin Ojora now Saraki, Funke and Segun Awolowo, the Sonubis, Folawiyo, Dolapo Soyode now Osinbajo, Yewande and Kemi Oyediran, Folusho Akinyosoye, Segun and Bimbo Cole, name it. None of them wanted to speak out about the scandal. I called her a Biafraud straight up. Bianca was engaged to FFK, got pregnant lost the baby, got pregnant again and aborted the baby cos she wanted a breakup. She was always loved up in Femi's room in Cambridge. Next I left for America and heard she became a beauty queen in Nigeria then gbam she married Ojukwu in 1994 and I was told by my dad about the famous slap that Governor Onoh slapped his friend Ojukwu for rocking the cradle with his child. Governor Onoh and my dad were those 3 month governors before Buhari destroyed democracy. 

Late Onoh and Ojukwu were two of my father's best friends. Follow me to listen to my Biafraud audios. I repIied Bianca about 5 times. She has since dropped her fake lawsuit against Fani-Kayode. Pls dont confuse my dislike for BIANCA and her Biafraud online army to my love for the new and real #Biafra. The bad Igbos and Yorubas want you to be confused. This woman is a bad person. Nobody is immune from my exposing. Even my father was exposed well well on this page for cult and ritualism. Bianca does NOT like MASSOB OR IPOB. She's the female version of father Mbaka. I don't like every Igbo or Yoruba or Hausa either. I simply love good honest ppl.



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