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Sunday, November 8, 2015

High Speed Magnetic Levitation trains coming to Maryland, USA #HNNTravel

A Maglev train on an experimental track outside Toyko.

The Governor Larry Hogan posted on his Facebook page. I lived in this state for 21 years out of my 30 years in the USA.
"Maryland has been awarded $27.8 million in federal funds to support efforts to bring high-speed magnetic levitation trains to the Northeast region, Gov. Larry Hogan announced Saturday. ...

'The ability to travel between Baltimore and Washington, D.C. in only 15 minutes will be absolutely transformative, not just for these two cities, but for our entire state,' Hogan said in a news release Saturday. 'This grant will go a long way in helping us determine our next steps in this transportation and economic development opportunity.'

Hogan's office said the Maryland application for the federal grant was submitted in April with the understanding that the Japanese government will be a source of significant financial backing for the project, along with private-sector support from Baltimore-Washington Rapid Rail LLC."

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