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Saturday, November 21, 2015

Air France plane evacuated at Manchester Airport #HNNTerror

The scene at Manchester airport after a suspicious device was found on a flight.

PASSENGERS were evacuated from a plane by police at Manchester Airport this afternoon after a "potentially suspicious item" was found on board.

The Air France jet, which flew in from Paris, was met by emergency services on the runway moments after landing.

One passenger said on Facebook: "On board AF1068 and blocked on runway after arrival in Manchester for security reasons. Someone left an iPad on the LHR-CDG flight and they only realised once we were airborne?"

In a statement, Greater Manchester Police confirmed reports that an "electronic item" was seized by officers.

The statement said: "Shortly before 1.30pm on Saturday 21 November 2015, police received a report of a potentially suspicious item on a flight from Paris due to land at Manchester Airport.

"The aircraft landed a short time later, where it was met by emergency services and airport staff and passengers safely disembarked from the flight.

"The electronic item in question has been seized by officers and has now been safely security checked. Officers are now working to establish the identity of its owner.

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