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Sunday, October 25, 2015

Why my #TWEET BROKE #Nigerian Twitter: I'm still the MOST Beautiful Girl in Nigeria #MBGN2015 #HNNKemi

Last night was the Most Beautiful Girl in Nigeria beauty pageant and it was my first ever. I lived abroad over 35 years and heard about it after Agbani Darego won and advanced to the Miss World pageant where she also won. I decided to tweet it all and it was interesting I must day. The girls who are really "women" all looked fantastic. However I have always had a feeling about beauty pageants in general that it's a way low self esteemed women use to prove their beauty. When I interviewed Miss America pageant contestants in Atlantic City, New Jersey back in the US, some once told me that they were in it for the prizes and fame and not really to prove how beautiful they are. As a young girl growing up, I never had interest in those things. Today beauty pageants are starting from little girls. we all remember late Jon Benet and others.

What broke the record was my tweet last night which ended the night as the TOP TWEET on TWITTER. I simply said that I don't need a beauty pageant to tell me that I'm the Most Beautiful girl in Nigeria and I'm 51. Twitter exploded with 101 retweets and still counting and people were nasty with many supporting me. I only wonder what these girls will look like at 51yo. Some of you know what I looked like at their age. Simply gorgeous.

Photo published for 11 things you should know about the new MBGN, Unoaku Anyadike

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