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Sunday, October 18, 2015

Prostitutes who found Lamar Odom unconscious take a break from the Love Ranch Vegas amid scandal #HNNSports

Monica Monroe was one of two prostitutes who spent the evening with Lamar Odom at the "The Love Ranch" before she discovered him unconscious in his room at the brothel on Oct. 13, 2015. Lamar reportedly spent the weekend at ranch, staying in a VIP suite, complementary of the brothel's owner Dennis Hof.

Many people are asking me in Nigeria but yes, prostitution is actually LEGAL in the State of Nevada, USA.

The two blonde beauties who joined a hard-partying Lamar Odom on the night before he nearly died were missing from the action Thursday at the Love Ranch Vegas.

“I don’t know where,” said Lawanna Olberding, shift manager at the busy brothel in Crystal, Nev. “They’re gone. They are getting away from all this.”

Ryder Cherry and Monica Monroe were the two hookers summoned to Odom’s room on Monday. The one-time NBA Sixth Man of the Year asked the pair to leave later that night. The furor surrounding Odom’s wild four-day stay at the brothel owned by Dennis Hof — a reality show regular in his own right — led to a new temporary policy at the business: No walk-in customers.

Typically, the brothel’s working girls would turn out en masse to greet new arrivals without a reservation.

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