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Saturday, October 17, 2015

Linda Ikeji Syndrome: Why most Nigerians need to start cashing in on Blogging and #SocialMedia

Another Photo of the 6 bedroom Mansion
Credits: Laura Ikeji Instagram & Mash Incorporated & Nigeria Property Centre
So what if Linda Ikeji got a N450-600M house in Banana Island? She doesn't talk to anyone online or share her blogging secrets. I shared it with you and only 25 of u are making money now blogging after a N10K blogging seminar I offered July 6th. Once I was done, many of u read about it in the Punch asking me when the next one is? I don't repeat things especially when ppl dont take me seriously. Ngozi Okonjo-Iweala will never do a financial seminar for you, Linda will never share blogging secrets but ppl like me who provide a platform for u are taken for granted. I've been blogging since 1999. Doc Teal I hope u are reading this. Do these ppl know how much u can make from blogging? Then I see ppl asking Linda to go and marry. Marry who? Some husband who will suck up her cash after her hard work? That girl has N900,000 ads on her page. I sell posts for many international clients. 

Wake up Nigeria. Go to and see the 16 million views I'm getting. Start seizing opportunities. My twitter podcast you read about in July 13th Punch is N5000. Was N3500 when I launched it and its now going up November 1st to N10,000 due to popular demand. Pls dont ask me how to make money tweeting if u wont invest to learn it. Meanwhile the new October 8th article in the Punch mentioned I made $25,000 on Youtube in 2011. These are serious amounts of cash in NAIRA at these exchange rates. Are u monetizing your videos??? So many of u recording so much and uploading them to useless portals and pages when they should be on Youtube with the monetized button turned on. I work in Pharmacy, Journalism and a Social Media Influencer in Africa. I've been broke in this Nigeria before not working in my lucrative pharmacy profession. but I worked hard on social media journalism to get where I am now.

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