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Sunday, October 18, 2015

Lil Wayne Issues Cease And Desist Over Alleged Sex Tape #HNNMusic

Lil Wayne Issues Cease And Desist Over Alleged Sex Tape

The alleged Lil Wayne sex tape has garnered a lot of public attention recently and Wayne is getting tired of it.

According to TMZ, the New Orleans native's legal team is assembling and put together a cease and desist letter to HollywoodStreetKing, the blog currently posting clips of the video.

"We hereby demand that you immediately cease the use, exploitation and/or distribution of the Video and that you deliver all copies, including electronic copies, of same to us or destroy such copies immediately and that you desist from this or any other infringement of Mr. Carter's rights in the future," the letter states.

Wayne's legal team is demanding that the video disappear within five days even though they previously didn't even concede there was a video in existence. According to one of Lil Wayne's reps, the rapper claims he had no idea he was being filmed during the alleged video's recording.

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