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Sunday, October 18, 2015

Did you know that Nick Jonas dated Kendall Jenner and said she was not his type? #HNNShowbiz

Sometimes he’s just not that into you — even when you’re one of the hottest models in the world.

We’re told that a blossoming romance between Kendall Jenner and Nick

Jonas failed because — perhaps surprisingly — she was more enthusiastic about the relationship than he was.

Sources close to the attractive pair tell Confidenti@l that the gorgeous Jenner — who seems to be on every magazine cover and runway right now, including the much-coveted September Vogue — was excited about dating the musician. But he found her “annoying.”

We’re told the twosome, who reportedly were set up by another couple — her best friend Gigi Hadid and Nick’s brother Joe — went on a few dates, but then he stopped calling. Ouch.

“They hung out in Vegas and then hung out one or two other times,” said our insider. “He thinks she’s hot, but he thought she was a little annoying and just not his type.”

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