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Saturday, October 17, 2015

#BREAKING I will be a Keynote Speaker @TedXBodija in #Ibadan. Come meet me December 6th #HNNKemi

#MadamKOO at last year's TedExBodija 2014
I have been asked to be a keynote speaker at TedxBodija one of the TedEx programs in Nigeria and the only one based in Ibadan. The email below came from Femi Babalogbon the Director of the event. Last year I was a media partner at the event and spoke in a huge 5 minutes that changed the world. Well this year, I will be talking about "The Fear of Controversy" a topic that best suits me as I am well known in Nigeria for speaking facts bluntly about every issue which is termed "controversial" here in Nigeria. Most people here do not talk and have a fear that if they express their views, they will be termed controversial. The entire theme of the program this year is called "Thinking Upside Down". If you are interested in having me as a speaker at your event, Contact my agent Mosy at well in advance.

Dear ma,
This is to inform you that you will be speaking at TEDxBodija 2015 on Sunday, 6th December, 2015 at Le Chateau, Bodija, Ibadan.
Kindly check through the letter. We also have attached here the Acceptance Letter and the community forms. We will like you to fill and attach the two documents to your reply.
Thank you.
Olufemi BabalogbonChief Marketing StrategistBrand Soulhouette LimitedLinkedIn: www.yourbusinessstrategist.comGlobal Shaper + TEDxChange Scholar + IBX#WeAreTheMarket #Strategy #Innovation

Here are what to expect from the program:

1. Meditation: When you come into our venue, you will agree you are
coming into a ‘’thinking room’’! #TEDxBodija will get you to think
about ordinary things, and get out extraordinary concepts from your

2. Excitement: #TEDxBodija is not class-room stuff. It is fun-room
stuff! You will learn how to scream, and you won’t stop screaming
until the event ends. Note: Do not come wearing suit!!!

3. TED’xed: Whatever that means to you! But really, you will be
TED’xed at our event – at the end of the day, it will be your turn to
share ideas worth sharing! It will be your show, your event, your own
TEDx! Be ready!

We’ve got a broad and deep theme. Our theme,
INNOVATION: THINKING UPSIDE DOWN is meant to unveil counter-intuitive
thinking which births innovations, disruptions and developments. In
this context, culture is but an unchangeable foundation upon which
change-aligned model of innovations are built. To achieve
counter-intuitive thinking, everything must be challenged, from the
use of right hand to write to the use of police to maintain order;
from textbooks to facebook; from science to arts; and from the rules
of boardroom to the rules of bedroom. TEDxBodija 2015 recognizes,
celebrates, and showcases the quantum thoughts of men and women who
have challenged intuition, theories and power.

#TEDxBodija2015 Team
Facebook: TEDxBodija
Twitter: TEDxBodija

DATE: December 6, 2015 VENUE: Le Chateau, Bodija, Ibadan.

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