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Wednesday, September 16, 2015

Why I'm celebrating 9 years of #CELIBACY--Kemi Omololu-Olunloyo #HNNOpinion

I'm celebrating 9 years of celibacy. Last time I had SEX with a man was September 2006. I am NOT a lesbian as most Nigerians label me simply because I advocate gay rights and many of my pals in America are gays and lesbians. I promoted and endorsed sex toys for a British company in 2013 fooling Nigerians into thinking I used sex toys daily. that generated one stupid blog writing a headline I never said>> "No manhood can satisfy me" not even asking why? I have only tried a sex toy once in 2014. It felt awesome but not addictive. Sex is not a necessity especially with people like me who have no libido or interest in it. Besides, I had children out of wedlock and hoping to get married one day regardless of my age so I made a promise not to have sex till I marry someone.

Well, then I was circumcized as a girl, another reason not to enjoy sex like a normal woman since half your clitoris is gone to some ritualist's house, something my ugly late grandmother forced my mom to do to us. This practice has been stopped in most of Western Nigeria but it's still going on in many places around the world. Many women abstain for sex for long periods and men don't understand how it's possible. Justin Bieber's mom Patti Mallette is one. Google her to read her story. My first interview to talk about my celibacy was in Nigeria's leading tabloid soft sell magazine Global Excellence in 2013 when I spoke exclusively to Deputy Editor Folorunsho Hamsat at my 7 year itch anniversary.

O well, I am never horny, people ask me if I masturbate and I tell them NO! I have no chance of an STD and feel beautiful promoting celibacy to young girls in my city. Wait till you marry!--KOO

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