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Wednesday, September 2, 2015

@RichmondPolice Officer DONATES bike to 9-year-old boy after someone stole his at knifepoint #HNNImpact

Richmond Detective Derrick Longoria (PHOTO: Wayne Covil)
Richmond Detective Derrick Longoria (PHOTO: Wayne Covil)
Someone stole Mekhi Moore's bike (PHOTO: Wayne Covil)
Credits Wayne Covil
And everyone hates cops left and right these days in America. Here's a cop that did the best thing ever and we are watching in Africa. Some people never talk about the good deeds of the American cops, just bash them left and right or just shoot and kill officers. Richmond, VA police is one I'm familiar with via social media where I made friends with some of the officers and see what they do in communities. They have a strong community policing system over there.

RICHMOND, Va. -- Weeks after a stranger stole his bicycle at knifepoint, nine-year-old Mekhi Moore is on the road again thanks to the generosity of Richmond Police. It was early August when a teenager Moore did not know approached the child near his home off Hull Street Road in South Richmond.

"He said 'get off the bike.' He said 'get off the bike' again and then after he pulled the knife out," Moore recalled. "I was scared and sad. He was mean."

Moore got off the bike he loved and rode every day and ran home where someone called police.

"In this particular case, a young boy was on his bicycle and was robbed of his bicycle by somebody he didn't know," Richmond Detective Derrick Longoria said.

Police took the report, but told Moore the truth about his stolen bike.

"He said, we might find the bike and we might not find the bike, but we will be on the look out," Mekhi's great-grandfather Robert Moore said.

A few weeks passed and Moore's bike was never recovered. That is when police took action. One Richmond Police officer donated an older bike. Other officers gave money to have it fixed up for Moore.

Neighbors were outside when Richmond Police returned to the Southside neighborhood with a surprise for the child.

"He took him around the side of the car, when he propped it open, pulled that bike out, the kid just looked at him, it was, it brought enjoyment to me," neighbor Fred Neiss said.

"When we took the bike out of the trunk, it was like Christmas morning," Detective Longoria said. "He hopped on it, he said 'thank you,' and he was gone." Police hope the surprise has a lasting impact on Mekhi Moore.

"They're very nice and they're kind," Moore said. "They will help you in horrible situations."

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