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Thursday, September 10, 2015

OPINION: Why I APOLOGIZED to all my FANS on FACEBOOK--Kemi Omololu-Olunloyo

Good Morning ‪#‎HNNAfricans‬
I love u all. Since January 25th 2013, I've been harsh as hell to many of you. Beginning today, I will speak kindly more to you and less curse words. To anyone who has felt offended in the past years, I am truly sorry. Pls accept my apologies. You are Nigerians and Im trying to convert you to the same powerful intelligent smart Nigerian I was in America. Americans are not all intelligent like us. Many of u think everything oyinbo is more superior. Not true. Im a global citizen and only strive to make you the same. You dont have to board a plane to know the world. We are on the internet. We are Nigerians. We are powerful. Power is not one big person. It is a bunch of small collective forces that forms the big one. The iron lady, madam governor of facebook, madam president of social media I'm known as means nothing to me before you my fans. I have 300,000 in my North American fanpage, 15,000 in my Ibadan page and 31,000 on this my global everybody page with 55,000 on twitter and 20,000 on instagram even being the only female and Nigerian nominee in the Social Media Africa awards, I will only be keeping this as my only Facebook page as from now. Everyone will be unblocked.

You mean a lot to me.
I love you all!
Dr Kemi Omololu-Olunloyo
@HNNAfrica on twitter, instagram, pintrest, soundcloud, youtube

Here are your comments. Thanks for understanding.

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