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Monday, September 14, 2015

12 things you didn't know you could do with Facebook #HNNTech

Facebook was a lot easier to use and understand a few years ago. Managing its growing sea of features can be daunting, but there are ways to make the social network more to your liking.

1. Reduce notifications

You can't get rid of all notifications on Facebook's website. But you can disable a lot of them.

Go into your Settings, and click on Notifications. Once you're there, adjust the alerts you want to get on your computer and your phone.

Unfortunately, Facebook doesn't let you disable email notifications through Settings. You have to click Unsubscribe to every type of notice until you stop receiving them.

To stop alerts for a group or a page, you have to go into each page and individually select Off. You can also click Unlike or Hide on the page.

For an event, remove yourself from the guest list, which can be a handy way to avoid the RSVP, or select Hide From News Feed.

2. Turn off auto-play video

With auto-play videos, you end up downloading a little more data than you might want to, and you run the risk of seeing something you might not want to see.

To turn off auto-play for the desktop site, go to the Videos section at the bottom of your Settings. Change the rule from Default to Off.

On the mobile app, touch the icon with the three horizontal lines and scroll down. Then select App Settings and tap on Video Auto-Play to choose what you want.

3. Save things to read or watch later

News Feed posts come with an option to be bookmarked. Click on the upside down arrow at the top right corner of a post, and choose Save video or link.

To look at everything you've collected, click on the Saved button on the side of your Facebook homepage.

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