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Wednesday, August 12, 2015

The TOUCHING story of TV #Journalist Reg Hampton's son's drug overdose brain damage #HNNHealth

Anthony Hampton Credits: Facebook
TV Journalist Reg Hampton's son took Fentanyl he purchased from a drug dealer. The drug sent him into paralysis and severe brain injury last month. This is a very touching story that moved me to tears as a Pharmacist and a parent.

reg hampton anthony hampton

A Calgary teen remains paralyzed with "extensive permanent brain damage" after taking a pill he thought was OxyContin for the first time.

Anthony Hampton, 18, was rushed to the hospital last month after he was found in bed not breathing and turning blue, said his father, Reg Hampton. Paramedics were able to get the teen's heart beating again in the ambulance.

"He has a severe brain injury caused by lack of oxygen," said Hampton in an interview with The Huffington Post.

Hampton — a former TV reporter and anchor in Vancouver and Calgary — went public on Monday with an emotional Facebook post this week, chronicling Anthony's experience.

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