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Monday, August 24, 2015

The Dynamic #Octogenerian: Ibadan Stood STILL for Chief Mrs Roseline Mowete's 80th birthday Saturday October 22nd 2015

Kemi Omololu-Olunloyo and Mrs Roseline Mowete (JP) Credits/KeminicationsMedia
In the true fashion of an Octogenerian, this lovely lady showed us what stuff is made of. She is regarded as everyone's mother, though she has 9 of her own children, Chief Mrs Roseline Mowete was the motherly figure we all grew up with.

Mrs Mowete, Mrs Laide Soyinka, KOO, Mrs Joke Lagundoye Credits/Keminications Media
I have my personal stories living on Ebrohime road at the University of Ibadan with the Lagundoyes when my mom had to travel abroad after my 8-year-old brother was stoned in the Ali Must Go riots of 1978 and he was flown abroad in a coma. Mrs Lagundoye was my mom's trusted friend. We met the Wole Soyinka children who lived in front of them and then there were all the girls at the end of the road since we and the Soyinkas were at the dead end of the street. No 2, Ebrohime road was the Mowete household, the first house on the street. We made friends with their daughters and attended school together, There were late evening days when we would eat dinner with the Mowetes and then go back up the street to the Lagundoye house where we were staying. We became the children of Ebrohime rd.

Catholic Bishops Alaba Job and Abegurin officiated with other priests Credits/Keminications Media
Now that you have heard my own personal story, you need to hear about this excellent birthday party. The birthday celebrations started with a service at the Our Lady Seat of Wisdom Catholic Church at the University of Ibadan, where we all worshipped as kids back then. This thanksgiving service started with prayers and hymns and was officiated by a team of priests led by the leader of the Catholic Archdiocese of Ibadan, Bishop Dr Gabriel Leke Abegurin as well as the Archbishop Emeritus Bishop Dr Felix Alaba Job. There was dancing, thanksgiving and lots of cameras flashing all over the church. The celebration theme was orange and silver.

St Cecelia Student's student's choir (far left on top of the picture) belted out some great hymns throughout the service. Grandma Roseline Mowete was smiling bright on her dynamic day. Her birthday which was actually 17th of August was celebrated on Saturday the 22nd of August. Mrs Mowete's event program detailed all her milestones in her 80 years. From her youthful days to her marriage to Chief Patrick Ikedieshi Mowete and how God blessed them with nine lovely children, each child came up and dedicated tributes to their mom. The grandchildren and in-laws also wrote tributes in the event program.

As the church services ended, the guests went over to the reception hall where the mother of parties happened. The Mowete family dished out several delicacies to the guests including traditional fishes and a variety of global dishes, Chinese, English cuisine complete with desserts of all kinds, drinks ranged from water to juices, sodas, fine wines and liquors. the hall was vibrant with three beautiful humongous cakes, one particular cake was the signature adire fabric cake which Mrs Mowete was famous for.

She manufactured the tie and dye fabrics a lot when we were kids and she supplied them to several famous clients. My slide show below has all the cake photos and dishes. At the end of the party, there was a live band that supplied music guests danced to and several guests went home with party favours. I personally went home with almost 15 gifts and household items, personal care items and more. Congratulations to a unique beautiful and dynamic lady, Chief Mrs Roseline Mowete (JP). Enjoy the slide show. All photos must be credited to Keminications Media.

Grandma Roseline and Grandpa Patrick Mowete
Mrs Mena Joseph-Edgar
Mrs Maryann Mowete Ezechukwu
Mr Ene Mowete
Mr Phillip Mowete
Mrs Uyo Mowete Austin-Wesey
Mrs Tina Mowete Dan Woherem

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