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Saturday, August 8, 2015

No Outcry as UNARMED White Teen is KILLED by police in #SouthCarolina

Zachary Hammond was killed by police while on a first date in South Carolina on July 26. If you haven't heard about his death, his family says it's because he's white. Their lawyer, Eric Bland, says the unarmed 19-year-old was driving in a Hardee's parking lot with his date, Tori Morton, when he was confronted by two officers who'd set up a drug buy with Morton, reports the Los Angeles Times and Washington Post

Bland says as Hammond slowed his car and reached downward, toward the car's gear shift, someone shouted that he had a gun. The two gunshots that killed Hammond, striking him in the shoulder and torso, were mysteriously left out of the police report, which said officers arrested Morton for possessing 10 grams of pot. Police now say the officer who shot Hammond was a victim of "attempted murder" as Hammond "accelerated and came toward the officer," reports Fox Carolina.

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