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Saturday, August 1, 2015

Get my #Twitter Podcast on how to make over $3000 a month MONETIZING YOUR TWEETS! #HNNSocialMedia

THIS IS NOT an event!! It is just the instructions to get my podcast.

Due to popular demand due to my interview in the Punch many of you read, a high amount of youth are requesting studying Twitter monetization from me. I will be selling the podcast tutorial of how to monetize.
This Tutorial consists of
:: How to tweet and the core essentials of Twitter
:: How to tweet, get noticed and get PAID for tweets
:: Responsible use of Twitter and other social networks
:: Growing your business tremendously
:: Monetizing yourself on Facebook, YouTube, Instagram with the Twitter Combination
:: Branding yourself
:: Working From Home
:: Learn how to get clients

TO GET A DOWNLOAD: You must LIKE this page and event then make your payment as below. Remember ONLY serious people that can SELL themselves are invited to this seminar. MUMUS are not allowed! If you cannot be an empty barrel and make NOISE, you can't sell anything or monetize your twitter handle. Empty barrels make the most noise and the most money. Can you sell sand on the beach or snow to an Eskimo, then u can monetize your handle. If NOT, this seminar podcast is NOT for you!

For years since 2008, I have been making
::$50-$150 for music and event tweets
::News aggregation $30 upwards
::LIVE events like Superbowl football, Grammy awards, World Cup up to $200 a tweet with an average of 30 tweets. I am registered with New York social media companies. They call me, I tweet, my money deposited into my account. You don't need to be registered with anyone. I even tweeted Mandela's funeral LIVE for an American TV station as they were still asleep over there.

What you need to do:
Pay for your podcast copy and send me a copy of your clear bank receipt to I will issue you a receipt once your payment is verified THEN I will send you the DOWNLOAD attached to your e-mail address. CONFIRM to me you received it!!
Fee : N3500 (Nigeria) N5000 after July 31st 2015
Payment Procedures below
First Bank of Nigeria
Name Olukemi Olunloyo #140NG
Account number: 2007477948
Western Union/Moneygram Olukemi Olunloyo and
Paypal: Keminications

Serious Enquiries ONLY!

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