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Saturday, August 1, 2015

*DISCRETION* Meet Nigerian Prince Adekunle Adeniyi Desperate to FU*CK every woman in Nigeria. Ultimate PERVERT!

This is the saddest thing ever in Nigeria. A young man who has a huge rapist sex drive or a desperation for a wife and is sending every woman on Facebook these same messages. It is now viral in so many inboxes and it reached mine ON MY FANPAGE! I HAVE NEVER SEEN ANYTHING LIKE THIS! 

He is psychologically imbalanced and thus may never get to his goal. I have engaged him in conversation and also asked SIX of my friends to add him on Facebook to engage him in conversation. He is inboxing them the same thing making 7 of us there. At one point he posted pictures of his penis ejaculating with semen spread all over his bed claiming he was thinking about us LOOKING AT OUR PROFILE PHOTOS not knowing we knew each other. How does a Nigerian man become this desperate? He claims to all of us that his fiance died in the Dana air crash and he's not been able to get a lover since then. This surely ain't helping! This guy is dangerous. I warned him to get help as it's getting worse. There are 27 of us now getting the same messages and the most graphic is the latest below.  

His Story: He calls himself SuremanPeter Maxwell Kunlex and states his real name is Prince Adekunle Adeniyi Peter. My message thread with him was so long that he kept copying and pasting the same love lines to all of us. These ready made lines about his education does not say much about his dangerous online behaviour

Suremanpeter Maxwell Kunlex These might sound like nothing more than honeyed words. You might think I'm merely flattering you. Nothing could be further from the truth. No one on this earth is more wonderful than you,of course. How great is your beauty? I can describe it in a mathematical formula. Given A, the set of your beauty, and B, a subset of A comprising women who are are the most beautiful member of subset B, my darling. Believe me, there are no other women in my life like you. None at all, my darling! But as it stands, you are the one and only!This is my brief introduction my dear.i`m an engineer.a nano-tech engineer with motorcade inc.Abuja.i graduated from university of Greenwich, Kent in united kingdom where i did my second degree but i went to university of Ibadan where i did my first degree in electrical electronic engineering telecommunication option. where i read Electrical electronic engineering major physic electronic.later proceeded for my NYSC in escravos chevron rig 2 Colorado rig platform as seismic interpreter and data acquisition engineer.later did my CISCO certification as Cisco industrial and compatia.i proceeded for my master`s in d university of southern Texas where i did and advanced degree in nano-science in collaboration with school of health sciences.i came back to Nigeria and worked with siotel technologies as head of programming unit.i later resigned and traveled to graz university of Technology,Australia to study aerodynamically.which am still working on as its first in Africa.glory be to God where i am today.i believe in God that all things are possible through his glory.a redeemer.i was born in d year 1973,June 17th.from ilawe ekiti and only son and d last born in the family of three.i lost my relationship 2012 when my late girl i was about to marry was involved in Dana-plane crashed and since then it was ups and down relationship,looking forward to God for the truth to prevail for a trusted man like me to find a good wife,so help me God.

Kemi Omololu-Olunloyo
Jul 31st, 2:29pm
Stop falling in love on computers. Nobody is interested in you. Stop posting pictures of you online ejaculating. I used to expose such men who did this. It turns me off. But its nice to know that my pictures turn a lot of men on. lolz.

Suremanpeter Maxwell Kunlex Lock the door baby. I promise you're gonna want to read this with your panties off. Ready? Good. You wanna know something baby? I'm gonna fuck you tonight. I know you want me. You're feeling naughty on a Saturday night. I know you want to get fucked. So tonight, I'm gonna give you what you want. I'm gonna fuck you. I know you're wet and excited already, babe. I bet you're playing with yourself while reading this, thinking about tonight. You're breathing deep, and your nipples are hardening. Your body knows it's ready for fucking. Ready for my cock. Want to hear about my cock? Oh yeah you do. I'm incredibly hard, babe, and thick. I can barely make a ring around it with my thumb and third finger. Yeah, ten thick inches ready to slide up your tight wet pussy. You're gonna have lots of fun with my hard cock, babe. Playing with it, squeezing it. Feel how hard it is in your hand. Scratch my balls with your nails softly, yeah. Can you imagine my cock in front of you? My heavy, erect cock promising you hours and hours of hard fuck pleasure? Yeah, you like how that sounds? Hours of hard fuck pleasure. I'm gonna have so much fun sliding my cock in you. I'm gonna slide my cock in your pussy. I'm gonna slide my cock in your mouth. I'm gonna slide my cock in your ass. I'm gonna slide my cock between your breasts. I know you're so wet now. Babe I'm going to give you a hot night of fucking. A whole night of my hard cock. Your pussy's wet and ready, babe. You're ready for this dick. I want you to suck my cock first, babe. I want to see my cock slipping in and out of your pouty lips. I want you to lick it all over, and then suck it as hard as you can, until you are gasping for air. I want you to kiss my dick, then deepthroat it all the way to my balls, because you're a naughty girl who likes to suck my cock. I know you want it. You want to suck on the part of me that will fuck your pussy later. You want to be on your knees kissing and deepthroating my dick while you furiously rub your cunt. You want to feel my cock at the back of your throat. You want to suck my long, hard dick until your jaw aches and your knees hurt. You want me to push your head down deep over my cock and hold it down until you're gasping for air. You want to feel my dick sliding against your lips as I slowly pull it out from your mouth and then slam it in hard again. You want me to take my hard cock out and tap your swollen lips with it. You want me to hold your head in place and fuck your mouth. I will baby, wait for tonight. I'm gonna play with your big, beautiful breasts baby. I'm gonna squeeze them and feel how soft and heavy they are in my hands. I'm gonna reach down and tease your nipples while you suck my cock. I can't wait to lick your hard, excited little nipples, sucking and biting softly down on them while I slide my hands inside your panties to finger your pussy. I want to rip off your panties and look at your pretty little pussy. Your wet, excited little pussy. I can't wait to kiss the swollen, pouting lips of your cunt and then suck your clit as hard as I can, making you scream with pleasure. I'm gonna spread apart the moist pussy lips and lick you deep with my tongue, kissing and tickling it until you squirm under my mouth. I'm gonna tickle your clit with my tongue while I fingerfuck you, pulling your clit with my lips and lapping that pussy with my warm, wet tongue. I'm gonna eat your pussy. And after all that baby, that's when the real fun begins. You're gonna sit back on the couch and spread for me, and I'm gonna kiss your sweet lips until you sigh in my mouth, smiling because you know what happens next. Don't you babe? Yeah, that's right. I'M GONNA FUCK YOU ALL THE WAY TO MY BALLS. I'M GONNA FUCK YOUR MOUTH, ASS, TITS AND PUSSY. I'M GONNA GIVE YOU MORE DICK THAN YOU CAN TAKE. COME OVER NOW.<<<<

Prince Adekunle Adeniyi Peter via Facebook
Remember, he is writing this to EVERY single woman online scanning profiles. None of us know where he lives or who he really is but he gives the impression that women know and want him. Some of my friends who have gotten in his profile are getting same the messages inboxed to them. These are warning signs of a rapist and sexually imbalanced pervert. All he needs is a woman to meet him somewhere! DANGER!!

Nigerian police rarely gets involved in stuff like this but my warning to all women is to BEWARE of this profile and report him in the inbox to Facebook. I have told him to stop inboxing me and he said thanks and bye but then sent me this long message about sucking his dick etc. This guy is truly disturbed. If anyone knows him personally, they should warn him that I've exposed him. Some people who told him said he's happy that I will be "advertising his big dick ". I tell you if not for blogger's rules, you will see what I call a big, ugly and unhealthy dick with semen all over a bed and sheets. Maybe he uses the bed to masturbate. I bet his lovely mother below has no idea of what she has as a son.

This is truly SAD!

Via Facebook

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