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Saturday, August 1, 2015

#BREAKING The Ooni of #Ife 's BODY arrived in #Nigeria today. He's passed away! #HNNMemorial #HNNRoyalty

Oba Okunade Sijuade actually DIED! As a family friend I was just told. The INTERNET has changed everything! Deaths are not announced till 7 days for the big Yoruba Obas I'm told. As you remember it was LEAKED last week that he passed on in the U.K. His BODY arrived this morning and thus I am gonna pay my tribute now. There is an Oro festival going on in Ife now. No woman is allowed outside at night. You won't even find one out during the day. Tensions are high, the same high chiefs who denied his death are now gonna tell us this week that he's in fact passed away. I'm SPEECHLESS!

I met him at 6 years old as my father's beloved friend and his name was Prince Sijuade. My father called him "Prince". I was devastated to learn that His Royal Highness Oba Okunade Sijuade died in the UK this morning. He had become old and ill early this year. He visited our house several times during my childhood and we would play outside with Tokunbo and his siblings while Mama Tokunbo his oldest wife was in the kitchen with my mom making snacks for the dads. As time went on during the time of my brother Tayo's accident in 1978, most of Tayo's treatment was at Harley st in London and the Sijuades let my family live at their house complete with aides and helpers. The hospitality was astounding. In 1980, he became King at 55yo. That was the biggest party ever. I remember those days. Years later Mama Tokunbo passed away but the King continued to forge on. One thing I will never forget Kabiyesi for was my 40th birthday at the Grand Hyatt Hotel in Atlanta, USA. It was my biggest party ever. The King sent me $5000 as a gift. In today's money that will be a million naira. I thanked him greatly in 2004 in a letter but it was not till this past January 2015 that I sent a text to him that I was planning to visit him after almost 15 years. I called and spoke to his royal highness after getting his number from my dad. I wished him a Happy 85th Birthday on New Years Day this year. It is however a shame though that I procrastinated on that trip to Ife and never made it. His health was failing at the time I spoke last with him January. I prayed for him and then this morning I was devastated. All I can say is that Prince Sijuade, Oba Sijuade, the Olubushe household did us proud! This is one of the days I wish Ife never broke up into Osun state. We are Yoruba and we are one. Many of you on this page don't know your history and feel those of us abroad are the dull ones. We know where we came from!
You were the greatest!
Tokunbo and all the entire family, our hearts are heavy today and our prayers are with you.
Kemi Omololu-Olunloyo
@HNNAfrica on social media

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