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Thursday, August 13, 2015

#BREAKING Lagos Helicopter in crash had BAD communication with AVIATION Tower and excess passengers!

Capt Wyatt and First Officer Bello Credits: Facebook
It is truly a sad day in Nigeria for many who knew the pilot and co-pilot of the Bristow chopper that crashed yesterday. We are now hearing that there was ineffective communication between the helicopter and the control tower. Only recently did I read a CNBC report revealing the state of aviation towers and equipment outdated and in dangerous state here in Nigeria. So bad that the CNBC report tweeted "Nigerian Travelers beware."

That got my attention and I worried about the airplanes but now we have had a chopper crash. CNBC Africa reported this lingering problem in Nigeria these days due to poor outdated equipment where air traffic controllers have to guess an aircraft's altitude. Another thing the Aviation ministry said in today's presser was that the Bristow helicopter was an eight seater with 12 passengers on board. Why they had an overload is not clear yet. Now we have a total of 6 dead and 6 in critical condition in local hospitals.

Lagos crash: Bristow Helicopter pledges assistance to survivors, deceaseds’ families
The crashed Bristow helicopter

The Captain Joseph Wyatt was an American and First Officer Peter Bello a Nigerian popular on social media with tributes pouring in from the US and Nigeria for both. Officials have not named the other passengers. Listen to my newscast update below. The investigation continues. My heart goes out to the families. I am a licensed helicopter pilot and airborne traffic reporter for years in the USA. This is the worst nightmare anyone could think of.

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