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Saturday, August 8, 2015

Arian Foster says he doesn't believe there is a GOD #HNNReligion

His wife recently filed for divorce after all his baby mama drama, now he has stated he does not believe there is a God above. The running back was raised Muslim in Albuquerque, New Mexico, praying "five times a day," he said. His father, a religious "free thinker," pushed him to question everything around him, including his faith.

In ESPN The Magazine's August 18 issue, Foster discusses how he came to his decision:
"He says his contrarian side sought out religious arguments with fundamentalist teammates, who would often attempt to dismiss the discussion 
by insisting, "Well, you must believe in something." He pressed, telling them no, he believed in nothing, not Allah or God or the divinity of Christ. He wielded his defiance like a sword, reveling in the discomfort it generated. If he alienated teammates with his willingness to be different, all the better. His verbal ferocity was all rawness and sharp edges, and it allowed people to project upon him their worst fears.

"I get the devil-worship thing a lot. They'll ask me, 'You worship the devil?'" he says. "'No, bro, I don't believe there's a God, why would I believe there's a devil?' There's a lot of ignorance about nonbelief. I don't mean a negative connotation of ignorance. I just mean a lack of understanding, a lack of knowledge, lack of exposure to people like me."

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